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Our lotions are specifically designed to benefit oily skin types, rosacea, adult acne, cystic acne, eczema & other forms of dermatitis. These skin conditions result from inflammation that can lead to many problematic concerns such as enlarged pores, excess oil production, facial flushing, redness, itchiness, hypersensitivity, uneven skin tone & various signs of imperfections such as breakouts, whiteheads, blackheads and large, red bumps.
The Perfect Treatment to Soothe Troubled Skin Clear 60 blends advanced, high performance clinically proven actives with 100% synthetic-free & organic ingredients, innovative first treatment formulas that bridge the gap between science & nature.  Our products have an exceptional level of bioavailability that outperforms synthetics without harsh side effects & functions in unison with the body's natural biological processes.    
Our undertaking is to create the highest quality, most effective, innovative and natural skin care products in the world under the Clear 60 minute skin care brand.  Every element in the Clear 60 minute skin care line is totally preservative free and uses a beneficial nanoparticle delivery system that delivers valuable botanical hydrating ingredients as well as potent antioxidants and free radical scavengers. All of the Clear 60 minute skin care products are designed to help reduce the signs of aging and keep you looking youthful both Intrinsically and Extrinsically. Clear 60 minute skin care products are the culmination of extensive scientific research combined with natural ingredients that have been designed to help reduce the signs of aging and keep you looking youthful without biting deep into your pocketbook. Clear 60 minute skin care strives to assist you maintain full body wellness from our line of body lotions up to our premier face creams.  Clear 60 minute skin care products are best utilized in an integrated daily and nightly treatment program for the face and body and complement one another to ensure maximum efficacy. By exploiting a regular treatment program, wrinkle depth will be visibly reduced and skin will become considerably firmer and smoother while moisture levels will increase making your skin feel more supple. Regular use removes impurities and refines the texture of skin leaving it smooth, clear, glowing and supple resulting in a healthy, fresh and clear complexion at any age. Clear 60 minute skin care is infused with only the finest natural ingredients that are precisely formulated for your benefit. The multifaceted ingredients list includes: ARGAN OIL, SEA BUCKTHORN OIL, HYALURONIC ACID, ORGANIC JOJOBA OIL, ORGANIC GRAPE SEED OIL, DMAE, COQ10, VITAMIN E, MSM, SULFORAPHANE and RESVERATROL
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