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Solutions for Stressed Out Skin
We have been using Clear Lotions on my skin for over 6 months and find it to be the most amazing cream I have ever used that seems to restore youthfulness, repair skin damaged from sun, and help rejuvenate the elasticity.  I use Clear 60 morning cream, the aloe skin rejuvenator, and the night cream. I am very comforted in know that it is made from the finest natural products from around the world. We have been sharing the product with friends in Whistler BC that all want more product because they have been very pleased with the results as well.  Ken Lelek President Cleangoal Environmental Ltd.
I had a chance to use your products up north under some extreme conditions.  These are all very effective products that you can see immediate results with.  I've seen a lot of skin care lines over the years, but your silver based line works & it is effective, as well as healing. I now only use your skin products….you get visible results daily. Thank you, Michael Theodor President Michael Theodor Brokerage Inc.
I have psoriasis/eczema symptom on my face for at least 10 yrs., a few years ago I found that I could control it with acid water, until March 2011. I had an outbreak and could not control it. Then I try "Clear" in July and it works in 2-3 days. About 90% better and some days I can't even see the "redness". Chanson Water Canada Seng
My legs, shins and calves were severely inflamed with discoloration and scales, severe itching and some bleeding.  Upon taking a product called Clear 60 minute skincare, applying it for the first time, within an hour the itching had subsided.  To my surprise, everyday there was a noticeable improvement and within three days my legs looked and felt normal again.  The colour had come back, the inflamation and scaling were gone.  The great thing is I don't even need to apply it very often--it just seems to have healed my condition.                       RON NELSON  MISSION, B.C.
From the desk of Brigitte De Fehr, BSc, Nutripath with 30 years experience In my 30 years of experience teaching and guiding clients to heal themselves, I am impressed with the CLEAR 60 minute Skin Care line. I am thrilled to see results that are extremely positive for acne, eczema, psoriasis and fungi. In addition to healthy benefits here at my clinic, we are also excited to see incredible results of anti-aging due to the Clear 60 line. I am also using the whole line myself and for my family. I couldn't be happier with the wide range of results.  And it is a pleasure to work with the owners. The both of them are truly beautiful souls! Sincerely, Brigitte De Fehr         LET’S GET BETTER   Suite 2-45467 Yale Rd Chilliwack, BC V2R 3Z8      (604) 793-0222
I have been selling AND personally using CLEAR 60 minute skincare products for 2 years now.  I have personally witnessed amazing results in customers with really bad skin conditions that were cleared up in a matter of days and in some cases hours.  What a difference in skin cleaning products compared to others Iíve tried on the market.  In fact, it is the only useful product that I have come across in my many years in business.  PHENOMENAL PRODUCTS!!  PS... The ULTRA SCRUB product is my favorite.  Sandra Larson, Owner Herbs and Health Foods 32700 South Fraser Way  Abbotsford, BC V2T 4M5 604-852-4425
To Whom It May Concern I have been using CLEAR 60 minute skin care Aloe Hand & Body Serum for about 4-5 months now... I use it for my face 2X a day... I really like it because it is very gentle on my sensitive skin... It does not dry it out and leaves it soft and clean... I also found it helped clear up some of my acne. I would recommend this product and will continue to use it. Sincereley, Lea Wong Prarie Naturals New Westminster, BC
Just a quick note to let you know that your line of skin care products have been selling well in our store.   We've carried it for over 6 months now and it has been the best selling line of skin care products in our store.   The best seller has been the Ultra GELfor acne and eczema.  Our customers report excellent results with it.   Thanks for providing us with an excellent product line. Dean Camfferman, Owner   Surrey Natural Foods is Surrey's original health food store. This health-oriented business was established in  the early 1960's and quickly became known for its unique product lines. If other health stores didn't have a  particular item, it was a good bet that you could find it at Surrey Natural Foods.   Phone: 604-588-3828 info@surreynaturalfoods.com My name is Wendy and I live in Langley BC. I purchased your Intense Rejuvinating Cream  from Nature's Fair a couple weeks back and I honestly noticed a difference in 24 hours.  I am 37 years old and i don't wear makeup. My face looks healthy and refreshed and  no need for makeup now anyway.    Thank you,   Wendy Bedard
After the optometrist and opthamologist could only advise me to spread vaseline-like substances around my problem eyes, I discovered Clear 60 Ultra Gel at my local Health Store from the saleslady who had success with it for her skin rash. It has worked sucessfully for nearly a year, and I also use the ultra firming lotion. My store is small and doesn't carry the whole spectrum of Clear 60 products. Could you please advise me of all stores or locations in London, Ontario where I may find Clear 60 products handily? I am a believer in this product and would like my grandchildren to benefit from it also as they go through the acne stage.. Your coming natural teeth whitening intrigues me also,,,, We have Dentists in our family. thank you, Carol Setterington .
Hello, I just purchased a bottle of the Clear 60 Ultra Gel this past week for my psoriasis, and it is amazing. Clearing my skin so fast, after years of trying to find a product to do so. The store I bought it from is sold out of them, and I was wondering where else I would buy it? I bought it from a health store in Hanover, ON, looking for the next closest locations. Or even better if I could order it directly from you, I would want to buy several bottles myself, and I have a few other people interested too. Thank you.   Stacey Polfuss
My daughter has started to use on her psoriasis and it is amazing. She has suffered for 7 years and has had many  specialists appts but without success.   Lori Williamson Walkerton, ON
Epic Cosmetics and their Clear 60 Minute Skin Care line. We “mature” women are always on the look out for that special something – the miracle in a bottle that will fix it all. Well, maybe not all, but if it erased even a few years of lines and wrinkles (oh, it almost hurts to say that word) we areall over it. Now, having said that, this “miracle in a bottle” must pass several very stringent tests. Having educated ourselves in the fine art of healthy living, we “mature” women, have become very discerning. Not only does this miracle in a bottle have to be effective, it must be natural and toxin-free. No more sacrificing inner body health for outer body beauty. Those days are long gone. Mladen and Tanya, a local scientist and his beautiful wife, work tirelessly to bring us this “miracle in a bottle”. Clear Skin Care is 100% natural, safe and toxin free, highly effective and loaded with anti-oxidants. Clear Skin Care is making its mark and flying off the shelves of local stores. Did I mention it is effective? You see, I discovered this skin rejuvenating serum a year ago. I haven’t even touched on the skin clearing capability this remarkable product has. Chronic problems like psoriasis, eczema, hives and various unknown skin conditions are erased or eliminated within hours or days. Here’s a little secret. It’s not just for woman, nor is it just for the “mature” woman. Check out their website at http://www.epic-cosmetics.com/ The treasures one can find at the West Coast Women’s Show are endless. If you missed this year’s show, be sure to make it a priority next year. What do Tega Tea and Clear 60 Minute Skin Care have in common? Me for one.
RESULTS WILL BLOW YOU AWAY For the 1st time in my 34 years in the health industry, this product blew my mind away when I saw the incredible before and after photos of those who suffered from Inflammatory conditions like Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne, cystic acne, nail fungus, rosacea, infected fingers and many more. Many experienced relief starting as little as 60 seconds, often visible improvement in 60 minutes and the problem most often resolved within 60 days (or less depending on the severity) Alice Chung, Owner Alive Health Centre, Supplements Plus, Mortning Sun Health Foods
This is a REMARKABLE formula for people who are really suffering This is a longer article than usual, but please bear with me.  If you have skin troubles whether it be acne, eczema, psoriasis, or extremely dry skin with wrinkles, this article may be just for you.  I have used the products myself, along with our team at Alive and chains as well as our customers love it too.  They are clean, organic, not tested on animals and are what skin care should be.  I hope you can find a solution for your skin or for someone you may know.  You can find Clear 60 at Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun and Supplements Plus. You can read the full article at:
Hello,     Just wanted to let you know that I am blown away by how well the Clear 60 Ultra Gel worked  on the Ezcema on my hand. I had open weepy blisters and cracks, and  where my fingers meet up  with my hand was bright red, sore and itchy. Within 2 days I was already noticing a difference.  The healing has been amazing, the redness is almost gone, and my nail beds are back to normal again.  I've never had any product work as well as this, and I've tried alot of them!  Thank you so much, I will promote this to anyone I know that needs it.     Thanks,  Vera Darius  Coquitlam, B.C. Testimonials